An amazing send off

My new post-e2v life starts now on a gloriously sunny spring day, the omens are good.

I am still taking in the kindness and sheer effort put into yesterday by my friends and colleagues, both in the gifts they gave me, starting with a ‘litepro’ for my talks, to the lovely book made for me with photographs and personal memories from my 33 years. Not forgetting the surprise guests, my mum and my wife. It was particularly special for my mum since the room where the presentation was held was the location of my dad’s old office; he joined the company in 1963.

Then there is the sculpture made by our apprentices, who are carrying the torch for high quality engineering apprentices better than ever, 29 years after I completed mine.

I shall write, but to any of you who have found your way here, you made my day, thank you.