Wood carving projects

Wood carving is an incredibly satisfying craft.

I have enjoyed the simplicity of taking a block of wood, a chisel, and an idea to create a 3D object.

It’s like a clean and quiet version of stone carving. These are a few of my recent projects:

Bertie too

With our 60 plus year old childhood pet, Bertie the tortoise, now living with my sister, I decided to make one of my own. It is carved from London Plane, or lace wood as it is more commonly known due to its lovely lace grain.







Cheese board

I made this at  woodcarving weekend with a group of likeminded carvers. it began as a slice of silver birch bought from the local National Trust wood fair last year, where they sell off wood cut down as a party of their tree management. It is a cheeseboard made from a single solid piece, the feature being a section carved into a cartoon type mouse lying asleep on a slice a cheese.

mouse 1  mouse2 mouse 3 mouse 4 mouse 5 mouse 6 mouse 8 mouse mouse 11





























The idea for this came from a multi-coloured plastic lizard I saw in a shop, and a stone lizard I saw on the outside of a National Trust house. This is the result, which took about 3 days to complete:

andy bennett woodcarving 1   andy bennett woodcarving 2

andy bennett woodcarving 3   andy bennett woodcarving 4

Andy Bennett carving

Spinning Chair

I made this spinning chair for my wife. It is specially shaped so that she can sit squarely up to the spinning wheel at a height that allows her to work the wheel in a comfortable way.

It was made from 2 slices of tree: sycamore for the back, and ash for the seat and legs, bought from the local National Trust wood fayre as a part of their tree management.

The legs were my first attempt at wood turning. It has a feather carved into the seat back, and a ball of yarn into the wedge used to hold the seat back in place.

andy bennett chair  andy bennett woodcarving chair andy bennett woodcarving chair 3