Raw Essex honey for sale

I offer a range of raw Essex honey for sale, alongside beeswax and hive products,  from my own garden hives. I don’t buy in honey from any other beekeepers, so I, and you, can be sure it has been handled sensitively and is of the highest quality to preserve its raw state. It still contains the pollen sought by hayfever sufferers.

With my apologies, due to postage costs it is more economic for me, and so you, to limit individual orders to a maximum 4 jars of honey.

I also offer beeswax and propolis, in small or bulk quantities.


Essex honey wedding favours for salePersonalised labels can be created from your own artwork or photos.  Prices depend on Andy Bennett Austin honey specialquantity of jars required.
Here are some examples of designs that we have produced for special occasions (weddings or civil partnerships, wedding favours, significant birthdays etc):

Please contact me for further information regarding any of the above. My terms and conditions are here.


Please select your products from below:

Please note that, due to Royal Mail postage rates being based on weight, postage for 2 jars is the same as for 1, so it offers better overall value.


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