A year in beekeeping

I have been a beekeeper for nearly 20 years. One of my talks uses a real beehive to look at a year in the life of a beekeeper. I am a member of the Essex Beekeepers’ Association and have been both County Promotions Secretary and Braintree Divisional Secretary. We now have 6 beehives (sometimes 7) and enjoy sharing our experiences of the joy of beekeeping at country events and giving talks to local groups.

Here are some beekeeping pictures from our apiary, and events we have attended:

Spring inspection of colonies at a learners’ course:

Andy bennett beekeeping demonstration      Andy bennett beekeeping demonstration 2

Spring cleaning of hive parts:        Summer and supers are on the hives:                                                 

Andy bennett beekeeping spring cleaning               Andy Bennett beekeeping apiary

A frame of honey:                                            Winter and all is quiet:

Andy bennett beekeeping extracting     Andy Bennett beekeeping apiary winter