What a difference a day makes

Stealing a song title (if not the song’s sentiment) from Dina Washington:  after 33 1/3 years (you can see a record theme here for those who remember vinyl), I am one day away from my new life.

The car is full of cake and I think I am ready for tomorrow at the office. I am going to miss e2v and the friends I have made.

But, I am also ready for my new life, more time with my wife, more time to concentrate on the crafts I love to do, and time to take up more opportunities to talk to groups and enthuse them into learning practical skills.

The garden also awaits, but that’s another tale.

2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes”

  1. Hello Andy,
    So this must be your last day with e2v.
    Just to say that there is so much that I connect with on your excellent web site.
    I’ve already got going with the vintage cars, and growing food, and I also give the odd talk but the other things have always been someting I would like to do.
    I hope to shortly take the same decison as you and then I think it will have to be the bees hopefully followed by wrought iron where I have a great interest due to a local vicar who made some great pieces at in the early 1900s.
    I hope you enjoy you new life, Best wishes, Nigel

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