Zoom talks

I have received quite a few enquiries regarding giving my talks via Zoom.

Having dipped my toe in the process over last summer, I have now given quite a number of Zoom talks to WIs, U3As and similar groups.

Given the continuing lockdown and likely extended restrictions, it seems that more groups are now setting up regular Zoom meetings and I am receiving more calls asking about the suitability of my talks for zoom. So I thought it useful to put up a post to let anyone interested know that my talks do work well for Zoom and that I am happy to help out.

It of course means that I am not restricted travel wise so can offer my talks to groups beyond Essex.

Full details of my talks are here.

The talks which work best for zoom are:

  • ‘Around the world in 33 years and 7 months’
  • ’90 years of Social History Through the Eyes of Mildred, my Austin Seven’
  • ‘Blacksmithing: from then to now’

Feel free to contact me for further information.