Wood carved tray

It has been a busy weekend. Over the last few months I have been working, on and off, on an oak tray. It will eventually take the glass fern sheet I previously blogged about.

This is where I was up to before the weekend began.

The rope edging was prepared as a cylindrical shape and I had a piece of nylon rope to copy.

The oak is hard and difficult to carve, but it should give a wonderful deep colour and grain.

The picture below shows the tray after about 22 hours of carving. The most difficult bit is getting the strands in the right place as they move around a bend. The piece of rope was invaluable in seeing what actually happens to the strands as the rope bends and moves.

The section at the top of the tray is closest to being finished and that to the right little more than the initial outline marked.

There is still much to do.


2 thoughts on “Wood carved tray”

    1. Thanks Z. Still much to do, but I am pleased that the rope is actually looking like rope rather than just a twisted shape, which version 1 did look like before I carved it off and started again.
      Hope Norfolk is treating you well.

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