Time for honey

Well, it’s April and the bees are flying at every opportunity. Whilst pollen and nectar sources are not overly abundant, when the temperature is above 12 degrees or so the bees fly. They do bring back some early pollen, which is a sign of a laying queen, always good to see, and they can use the good weather for a bit of spring cleaning.

The oil seed rape is already coming into flower and within a few weeks will yield nectar and ultimately provide the first honey harvest of the year.

It’s Spring…


4 thoughts on “Time for honey”

  1. Oh, I miss having bees in the family. I was never the beekeeper, though, my son was and he lives half an hour away and doesn’t have time now.

    1. Hi Z
      fingers crossed he gets back into bees, in the meantime you know where we are. Keep well. Andy

  2. I just stumbled across your blog, while searching the internet for a source for Monty Don’s raised bed cloches. And found your Gardeners World Cloche Envy post. 😁 I happened to be a beekeeper too…so a couple reasons to return to your site now. Thanks from Ontario, Canada!

    1. Hi Anne-Marie
      Always nice to hear from a fellow beekeeper. Lots of challenges I am sure in keeping bees in Canada. We are just entering full on oil seed rape season so will be doing our first extraction in a few weeks.

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