What to do on a wet Sunday

Austin sevenOn a wet Sunday I thought it time to fit the new mats I bought about a year ago for Mildred, our Austin Seven, but hadn’t yet got around to doing anything with.

It all went very (surprisingly) easily.



austin sevenPicture 1 shows the ‘before’ . The seats are still in and the old scruffy carpet is over the centre tunnel.





Austin sevenThe second picture shows the stripped out mid-point. Seats, mats and carpets are out. I also took the opportunity to tidy up and rust proof some areas, which you can see by the zinc oxide ‘silver’ paint.





Austin seven matsPicture 3 shows it all back together, with the new tunnel cover in place and the replica original style foot mats all back in. ┬áJust the driver’s seat to go back in and it is finished.

All in all I am very pleased with a few hours work.