Cold food smoking

cold-smoked-fishFrom time to time I have tweeted pictures of my cold food smoking equipment. The last time I put up a picture of smoking trout, I had loads (OK one) request to put up some more detailed pictures and explain more. So, here we go.

I have made a cold smoking set up, rather than hot smoking. This means that the ‘fire’ is away from the food being smoked, providing cold smoke, rather than smoldering in the same container and part cooking the food. My set up was inspired by Dick Strawbridge and his ‘smoking’ book.







The above pictures show my set up. I started with a soot vacuum container from Aldi. I made 2 shelves to fit inside for the food and a separate burner, similar to that used in beekeeping.

food-smoking-coldcold-smokingHardwood shavings are added, and lit, to produce the smoke.

A pipe then feeds the smoke into the container, where the food awaits.

I have found that about 1 hour of smoking gives a delicate flavour. More and it becomes bitter and over smoked.



So far we have smoked fish, cheese and eggs.

All are delicious and I would thoroughly recommend giving it a try.