Glass casting part 4: oh yes

It has been an adventure, a learning process, but it is done, the cast glass foot is finished.

fused glass foot

You last saw the mould full of glowing molten glass in the kiln. The mould cracked in the kiln, which has resulted in the ‘fin’ you can see across the middle of the foot. This can easily be ground off, so no major problem there.

Luckily the mould held together well enough to keep the glass in, but, as you can see below, it quite literally fell apart after being taken out of the kiln, allowing the foot to be removed easily.

foot 3

fused glass foot 2






All in all I am very pleased with the result. The detail is amazing, every line and ‘toe print’ is visible. The next phase it to built it into a sculpture. I am still not sure how to do that, so it might be a while before we revisit this one.