Blacksmithing project: compost bag holder

I was recently asked to help a friend out with a frame to both hold a compost bag and to give a frame to lean on whilst digging into the bag.

The result is here.

Nothing too complicated, a large diameter ring for the base, 3 vertical rods and a smaller diameter ring at the top. This gives it extra stability.

It’s the second one I have made, this one from 12mm steel to give it extra strength when leant on.

Blacksmithing kitchen towel holder

The second of my blacksmithing bits and pieces posts is a kitchen towel holder.
blacksmith kitchen towel holderThis is typical of the types of pieces I enjoy making, perhaps my emerging style. Solid metalwork, made to last (I hate the cheap and cheerful look of spindly metal made with the thinnest material you can get away with), combined with organic themes, through the twists and curves.

It is then finished off with traditional exposed rivet steel joining techniques.


blacksmith kitchen towel holder 2In case it isn’t obvious, this is what it looks like with the towel roll in place.

Blacksmithing bits and pieces

blacksmith towel railNot everything I make on the forge is a sculpture, or a complicated plant support.

This week I also made a simple towel rail, made to fit a new kitchen, as there was nothing available off the shelf.

blacksmith towel rail detail

It fits inside a drawer with limited space.

It is made from 10mm round steel, welded to 40mm square pads, all painted satin black.

More simple bits and pieces tomorrow.