Mildred has been a little ill

Unfortunately Mildred has been a little off colour. She ventured out on New Year’s Day with her friends for our traditional New Year opener.

All began well.

We arrived at the local Church to join the queue of 30 Austin Sevens, and a few assorted others, to enjoy mince pies and (non-alcoholic) mulled wine.

We then happily set off on our 25 mile run.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to the end. About half way through we spluttered to a halt. It looked as if the head gasket had failed, nothing that could be solved at the roadside.

With thanks to our insurers and SOS road rescue, we had a truck with us within the hour and were on our way home.



For anyone technically minded, this is what I found when I removed the head, a missing piece of gasket, which appears to have broken away.

The result is loss of compression in cylinders 2 and 3.

Mildred is now well on the way to recovery. The new gasket is bedding in and she should be back on the road in a day or 2.