It’s time to make another gate part 2

Right, with the design sorted out it was time to start the fun, the making bit.

I started by setting out the frame.

As with most of my work, I began with organic curves, rather than lots of straight lines.

It is important to balance design with structural integrity. Stating the obvious, whilst it must look good, it must also support its own weight, hang on the hinges without stress breaks, and of course keep out those we want to keep out.

The curved piece at the base does exactly that, it braces the bottom, curles up to support the bottom hinge point and then finishes off in a purely decorative leaf design.

This is the next stage in the design. I have added a top hinge, vertical pieces to add bracing and design, and a top curved piece to replicate the one at the bottom.

I am liking how it is coming along, the balance feels right.