Fused glass on a cold day

What more could you want other than to play with fused glass on a cold day?

fused glass tea lightI have made my first deep slumping mould, to make a simple tea light holder, and I have to say it all worked quite well.

The piece is made from 2 square sheets, offset, and with confetti glass sandwiched between them.

I first fired it on a regular fusing programme to make the flat design.

For the slumping stage I made a simple mould from vermiculite sheet, with a hole in it, to allow the glass to fall.

fuaed glass dishI also used the kiln space to slump the ‘bubble’ sheet I made a few weeks ago into a dish.

Some of the bubbles are a little larger than I would ideally like, but it is an interesting design that I will play with again.

What next? Well watch this space, as, inspired by our holiday in South Africa and the principle of ‘leave only footsteps’, I am currently having a go with casting glass.

I have been researching mould making and have all necessary bits and pieces. All I need now is time.