Blacksmith poppies, the seed heads

The final stage of the poppy is of course the instantly recognisable seed head.

I made 2 for the sculpture.

I don’t have any pictures part way through, but they are made from 2 inch tube.

This is pinched top and bottom to create the stem and neck. The top is then flared out and shaped to create the feathered edge and the base pinched in to blend in with the stem.

There was then a rather long process of setting up the sculpture ready for my mum’s 80th birthday party.

There were many elements to arrange, with viewing points from the garden and the house windows. They then all needed setting into the stone.

An hour or so later and all was finished.






2 thoughts on “Blacksmith poppies, the seed heads”

    1. Thanks Z
      It was a labour of love but I am pleased with the final sculpture. It is also now gaining a nice light rust finish to age it in.

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