Bertie 2 the final version

Well, after a few tantalising glimpses of the different stages and parts of Bertie 2, here he is in his natural habitat.

I finished him with beeswax polish on his shell and a matt wood protection on his legs and head. This has given a nice contrasting sheen and matt finish.


As a homage to the original Bertie, here he is having recently woken up for another year.

Wooden Bertie now sits on the mantlepiece. At least I don’t have the worry and responsibility my sister has of looking after the real one.

All I need do is add a bit of polish once a year and not think about lettuce and, always his favourite, cucumber slices.


1 thought on “Bertie 2 the final version”

  1. Bertie, who, Mr BW has been told by a wood-carving friend, should actually be called Beatrice (it’s something to do with the skirt on the shell), is beautiful.

    The grain of the London Plane wood is perfect for his/her/its patterning.

    I wonder what will happen when Bertie 1 meets Bertie 2 (Too)?

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