An 80th birthday celebration

This week saw my mum’s 80th birthday, and with it a gathering of friends and family.

At the recent Malvern Autumn show we met a wonderful poet, Erin Bolens. 

She was there as a part of a Poetry Takeaway event, where you give the poet some interesting facts about a person and then return later in the day to collect the poem.

It was a wonderful poem, which I read out at the party as a part of the toast, as in the main picture above.

It was also the official unveiling day for the poppy sculpture.

I will do another post showing the process of making the sculpture over the last few months, but here it is in its finished form. We delivered and assembled it a day early to make sure it was all OK.



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  1. I had a lovely ‘Mileston’ birthday.The poppy sculpture is amazing, with so much detail. Thank you Andrew for such a beautiful present.

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