The courgettes are taking over

The courgettes are taking over the garden.

We have grown more varieties than ever and the hot weather has brought them on amazingly. Suggestions for recipes gratefully received.

On other subjects, I am currently working on a special sculpture for my mum’s 80th. For obvious reasons no pictures until after the important day in October.


Mildred’s 85th birthday

Yesterday was Mildred’s 85th birthday and she had a day out at the seaside.

We headed off at 9am, balloons and birthday signs on show, and took the opportunity for a leg stretch beside a lovely field of echium.

If only we had the bees with us, as it makes lovely honey.


Next stop was Manningtree, where we almost saw the sea.

It was a brief stop as we were heading on to┬ásee Grayson Perry’s art house building in Wrabness.

Whilst the garden is lacking in any care, the house itself was very impressive, and only a couple of thousand to stay in for a short break in the summer (providing you win the ballot).








A quick break for the most delicious fish and chips and we were off to visit an old family friend at Frinton-on-Sea.

It had been too long since we last caught up on life and, at an amazingly sprightly 94 (she won’t mind me saying), she beat Mildred into this world by nearly a decade. Mildred took her for a short ride and they both had a lovely time.














11 hours and 130 miles later we arrived home to be greeted by our 92 year old neighbour, who was out gardening.

The balloons were, by now, sagging somewhat and we had replaced a couple along the way.

There may be many things wrong with this world, but, with the average age of Mildred, our neighbour and family friend at over 90, we are all living longer than ever.

That’s the key, as the song goes, ‘Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think‘.