Tower bridge sculpture

I was recently asked if I could make a Tower Bridge sculpture for a special birthday present. It was to hang on a wall, but have depth to it, and be 1m long. A lot of sketching and design work later and all was agreed. It was the perfect job to make use of my new plasma cutter to produce the towers and window cut outs.

The result is below. The finish is burnished steel, lacquered to protect the look.


I didn’t take many pictures along the way but the one below shows the base frame from which everything hangs. This gives it strength and makes sure everything is nice and square from the start.

Gardeners’ World cloche envy

For some time now we have had Gardeners’ World cloche envy.

I have some home made cloches made from some old bases used on an exhibition stand and then rescued from a skip about 10 years ago.

They are (were), to say the least, ropey. They were rusty, the hoops were made from plastic pipe, which had deteriorated, and they were covered in torn netting.

With spring finally approaching and Monty Don’s cloches in full view on Gardeners’ World, the time had come to update ours.

I started by cleaning them back to rust free metal. Then I welded in 10mm steel hoops for stability. Finally some old corrugated sheeting, saved from a skip having served its purpose as a friend’s ‘lean-to’ roof, was cut to slot inside the hoops. The end panels were then made from some offcut plastic sheeting used in picture framing.

The plastic can then be slid out and replaced with netting for summer protection of brasicas.

A coat of rust protecting undercoat and black paint and we are no longer quite so envious.

Cost about £2 for the metal used in the hoops and £3 of paint, the rest recycled, result.

Only thing is, Monty has many more that we have, and I have just found another base behind the polytunnel ripe for conversion. So it’s back to work…

gardener's world cloche envy