Bronze sculpture repair

I had an interesting challenge recently, a bronze sculpture repair.

brass sculpture repair lion

brass sculpture repairAbove is the finished repaired bronze lion. However, its foot started like this.

Not only is it broken, it has also been repaired with some epoxy resin, so needed careful cleaning back to the original bronze first.

Following the pictures below, the next stage in the repair was to drill out the two sides of the break to take a strengthening pin.

The two pieces were then glued with a specialist gel super glue. As you can see in the second picture, this left a gap.


bronze sculpture repair foot

bronze sculpture repair damage








The final stage was to fill the gap. This was done with a special metal filler, with added acrylic paint mixed to match the bronze. For anyone interested, this was a mix of gold, black and burnt umber.

You can still see the repair if you look carefully but, having shown it to someone who didn’t know what I had done, they couldn’t see where it had been repaired.

A good result and a happy lion owner.