5 days of carving

If it feels like I have had a carving chisel in my hand for 5 days then it is probably because I have, after attending 2 courses end on.

carving groupFriday to Sunday I was at a carving course led by Sharon Littley. The group is called ‘Splinters’ and meets for a weekend course 3 times a year. It is a wonderfully relaxed weekend, with great support, and a lovely group of people all keen to share and learn.

For this course I began a project to make a fuchsia. This is stage 1, to make the petals. It will take a while, but then wood carving is not a speed event.


fuchsia carving 4      fuchsia carving 3   fuchsia carving 2      fuchsia carving 1


And so on to the course on Monday and today, Tuesday. We were at Cambridge Botanical Gardens at a lino cutting and printing course run by Emma James. The course was up to Emma’s and the Botanical Garden’s usual high standards.  We learnt new techniques in layering print processes and came away with print blocks and a pile of prints to spread around the room as they slowly dry.

IMG_20151005_111855 IMG_20151005_152753 IMG_20151005_152801


Blacksmithing Bullrushes

By now any regular readers will know that I like organic form.

bullrush blacksmith sculptureBullrushes are at their best at the moment and we have a plant currently trying to take over our pond.

In the background you might be able to see a sculpture I made to reflect the bullrushes.




blacksmith bullrush

if you can’t make it out then this is what it looks like close up.

it is rusting nicely and is designed so that the wind blows the leaves against the rushes and gives a nice wind chime effect.